Actualité économique et du marché de Vanguard

24 September 2020 | Marchés et économie


 Actualité économique et du marché par Vanguard

Points clés de Vanguard :

  • We expect a recovery in global growth to begin in the second half of 2020, with the trajectory of that growth related to the degree of Covid-19 containment efforts.
  • Most parts of the world will likely experience a recovery in phases, with hallmarks of both a V-shape and a U-shape.
  • We anticipate that the recovery will be faster and more V-shaped in China, which has returned to growth for the second quarter after contracting during the first quarter.
  • Vanguard’s leading indicator suggests that global trade will continue what has been a sharp contraction as the third quarter begins. The pace of contraction appears to be slowing, however.



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