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Evaluating ESG ratings and methodologies

27 October: 9.30am

In recent years, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations have risen up the agenda for many investors. But how do you differentiate between the various ESG methodologies and company ratings available, and what can your choices mean for your investors?

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Mark Fitzgerald

Head of Product Specialist, Product Management, Vanguard Europe

Jan-Carl Plagge

Senior Investment Strategist, Vanguard Europe


Global bonds: changing risk and reward after the Covid-19 shock - 22 September

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A fresh look at emerging market debt - 28 July

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Vanguard-FTSE Quarterly Investment Outlook - 14 July

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The credit universe after the crisis - 30 June

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Sources of ESG return - 16 June

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Mitigating equity risk - 2 June

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Government bonds in and beyond the crisis - 19 May

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Corporate bonds: risk and opportunity - 5 May

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The outlook for dividends - 28 April

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High-grade bonds: risks and rewards - 14 April

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Coronavirus – an economic and market impact assessment - 7 April

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Finding safety in a crisis - 31 March

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Liquidity in fixed income ETFs - 24 March

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